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        Joystarr has a Master's degree in Music Therapy and has been an agent for sound healing  for the past seven years. Joystarr is an adjunct professor at the University of Dayton where she teaches in the music therapy department  She has one daughter and two precious grandchildren.  She lives in Dayton, OH with her companions Annie the dog and Bridgett the cat.

        She believes that all healing is from God.  She provides the tools for transformation through sound healing frequencies, sacred codes and colors.  She believes that if you ask you shall receive and that you must be ready and willing to let go of all toxicity and anything that is not in your highest good.  Joystarr's grandmother was a great being and she would always ask anyone who was seeking a healing, "Do you believe that God can heal you?"  If they said yes she would lay her hands upon them and most were healed.  Joystarr asks the same question to those she works with.  If you believe that you can be healed in the very core of your being, Joystarr asks you to come forward and receive what you so richly deserve.  At the very core of the healing process it is necessary to "surrender" into the divine flow of "God's Love and Will.  Those who will let go of power, control, negative ego, fear, anger, guilt, grief, unworthiness, emotional pain and etc. can experience a great transformation in their lives.  Letting go of these and other issues allows the Love to come into us and flow through us.  This ultimately what will save the earth and us.

        Through her openness to higher guidance, Joystarr has identified specific sound frequencies which remove blockages and raise the vibrational level of the body.  In the workshops and private sessions, Joystarr will provide the frequencies for the participants to "Let Go" of old patterns and toxins in order to increase their vibratory level.  As a persons vibratory level increases, he/she will process out the physical and emotional toxins during the 90 days following the activation.

        Joystarr has conducted these powerful yet gentle sound healing workshops through out the US and Japan.  The Vibratory Acceleration Workshops are taken in four levels with each building on the previous.  The level IV Workshop has 2 aspects.  The first day you will receive the frequencies and activations for manifestation and the second day you will receive the divine blueprint and the vibratory acceleration.  The participants receive the activation frequencies to regenerate at the physical body at the cellular level.  Her dedication to planetary healing, healing of the human condition and her work with dolphins are an expression of love for God, life and the Earth.

        There are no books written about this work.  Joystarr has developed this work over many years of divine guidance.  She is not  A HEALER. She is an agent for healing.  She is a conduit for frequencies to come through. All healing comes from God and the healing is as effective as the person is ready to "Let Go" .  Do you believe God can heal you?  Are you ready and willing to "Let Go" of everything that is not in your highest good?  Then so be it and thank you God!! Come forward and we will do all we can.



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